About Nofu - who we are and what we do

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NOFU’s designer - Bertil Stam’s heart beats for Scandinavian minimalism. Bertil Stam holds a MA in Industrial Design from the Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark. During the last 12 years, he’s lived and worked in Vietnam creating popular products for several international design clients and furniture houses, in which always with a focus on beautiful clean lines – and a high level of comfort.

In 2014, Bertil Stam decided to return to Denmark and began drawing up furniture for his future home. The collection quickly expanded, and Bertil Stam wasn’t the only one who fell in love with furniture’s clean, Scandinavian look. As a result, Bertil Stam continued sketching more new designs, thereby laying the cornerstone of NOFU.

The NOFU Collection now includes more than 50 designs – all with the common thing: NOFU is more than just pretty furniture – it is handmade products, created to endure the active lifestyle in a stylish family home. In addition, NOFU products can be combined in a multitude of ways, because every single style is made with Bertil Stam’s flair for Nordic minimalism.
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Danish NOFU creates timeless handmade furniture that everyone can afford. The furniture bears witness to designer Bertil Stam’s immense respect for traditional furniture making, always made from solid ash wood. Each item is handmade from scratch to fit the customer’s requests, and carries a personal story through its unique grain pattern. Bertil Stam has a fondness for the clean lines and high quality that characterizes Danish design and has worked on the NOFU collection since 2014. Finally, NOFU is ready to launch in Europe this year.

NOFU is a contraction of the words Nordic and Furniture, and NOFU creates handmade, sustainable furniture respectful of Scandinavian design traditions and craftsmanship. NOFU is a fusion of aesthetics and functionality, and designer Bertil Stam takes pride in making furniture that’s beautiful not just from the front, but from all angles.

The clean minimalist lines of classic Danish design are easily recognized in NOFU’s collections. However, Bertil Stam always adds unique contemporary detailing, visible upon closer inspection. The products are crammed with clever solutions, and Bertil Stam always keeps a focus on functionality, quality, and respect for the environment.


NOFU is Nordic furniture for the entire home – from hallway and living room to kitchen and wardrobe. All NOFU products are manufactured in solid quality ash wood, and all furniture is PU-varnished to ensure durability because NOFU wants their products to be used for (and by!) several generations. The matte PU varnish creates an easy-to-clean surface and is free from harmful chemicals – one more reason why NOFU furniture is perfect for families with small children!


NOFU is more than just beautiful handmade furniture. NOFU is an entirely new concept of delivery, as the Danish furniture brand has cut down expenses for delivery and storage, consequently offering Danish design a very attractive price point.

At NOFU, the production never starts until the customer presses ‘Order’. This means that NOFU saves on the expenses for storage – as well as unnecessary overproduction. As a result, NOFU offers extremely fair prices, and all products are tailor-made according to the customer’s specific wishes.

NOFU wants to protect resources of the world. That’s why NOFU furniture is made in accordance with the EU’s REACH regulations. In addition, all NOFU products are made of solid PEFC certified ash wood, guaranteeing sustainable forestry. And all products are free from harmful chemicals – Naturally!